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We curate and help your brand to find organic and fair trade suppliers in an easier and  efficient manner. 

Online payments made easier with Stripe. You can compare, find the best price x quality, contact the producer and make a deal. We use Stripe.

connect with suppliers and their stories

Get to know the hands and production process behind the products you buy, where they come from and how they work. 

join us and be part of a change

1% of each transaction is donated to fund financial and entrepreneurial  education in poor communities in Brazil.

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What about Zucas?

How did we start

Zucas emerged from the idea of helping to create more jobs

We are here to ease the contact between talented Brazilian artisans from isolated communities and the world market.

After meeting several retailers from Europe who were traveling to Brazil to buy artisanal goods more than twice a year and after speaking to the producers and finding out that many of them sell a lot for foreign customers without having a marketplace or any marketing strategy, I found out there was an opportunity to help both sides and help these artisans grow their business, generating more jobs and improving the local economy.

Zucas is here to connect the dots, reduce the costs and help you to scale. 

We are also working on a blog to provide you good content about the Brazilian and the European market trends,  online selling tips and information about the handicraft and fair trade markets. Stay tuned 😉


Samille Santos
CEO & Founder

We help you to connect

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save time and money

generate positive impact

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What is a Marketplace?

A marketplace is a two-sided platform where someone can sell a product/service to someone else who needs this product/service. Basically, it works as a market online where you can sell…

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